I am a fourth year Ph.D. student in Computer Science at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at New York University. I am a part of the CATER and NeWS research groups, co-advised by Lakshmi Subramanian and Jinyang Li.

Broadly, I am interested in systems and networking, with an emphasis on mobile computing and wireless communication. I deeply believe in the potential of technology to transform lives, especially in the developing world. My research therefore focuses on different techniques to provide very low-cost connectivity in such regions. You can find more information about my research here.

Prior to NYU, I completed an M.S. in Computer Science at Iowa State University, advised by Prof. Lu Ruan. I finished my B.E. in Computer Science and Engineering from R.V. College of Engineering, Bangalore.

Latest News:

  1. -September 2011: Gave the Colloquium talk, "Bridging the Digital Divide" at Iowa State University.

  2. -September 2011: Gave a talk at the University of Wisconsin-Madison on the WiRE Architecture.

  3. -August 2011: Passed my Thesis Proposal at NYU.

  4. -August 2011: Won the Best Demo prize at SIGCOMM 2011 in Toronto.

  5. -June 2011: WiRE Demo accepted in SIGCOMM 2011

  6. -May 2011: Won the Harold Grad Memorial Prize for Outstanding performance as a grad student.

  7. -September 2010: Gave the Hermes talk at Mobicom in Chicago

  8. -July 2010: Hermes accepted in MobiCom 2010.

  9. -May 2010: Passed by Depth Qualifier Exam.

  10. -April 2010: Gave a talk at the CATER workshop on transmitting data over voice.

  11. -March 2010: Gave a 3-hour tutorial at EuroSys 2010 in Paris on low-cost networking solutions for the developing world.

  12. -June 2009: ROMA accepted in SIGCOMM 2009.