Computer Systems Organization

CSCI-UA.0201 (002) Fall 2015


Lecture TR 11:00 - 12:15pm Room CIWW-109

Tutorial-I Friday 1:05-1:55pm Room CIWW-101
Tutorial-II Friday 4:05-4:55pm Room CIWW-102
Tutorial-III Monday 5:05 -5:55pm Room Bway719-1221

Office hours:

Instructor: Jinyang Li

TAs: Varun Chandrasekaran (firstname.lastname AT nyu)
Giorgio Pizzorni (firstname.lastname AT nyu)
Chaitanya Garg (cg1955 AT nyu)
George Wong (gnw209 AT nyu)

Discussion Group: Piazza

Course information

This course aims to give students an understanding of what's "under the hood" in a modern computer from the perspective of what is useful to know as a programmer. Topics include C programming (including pointers, dynamic memory allocation, and machine representations of data), machine organization, assembly language, and the memory hierarchy. These topics are supported by a series of challenging lab assignments in C and assembly.

Prerequisites: V22.0102 Data Structures

Required and optional textbooks

  • (Required) Computer Systems -- A programmer's perspective, 3rd ed. Randal Bryant and David O'Hallaron. Available for purchase from NYU bookstore.
  • (Optional) The C programming language, 2nd ed. Brian W. Kernighan, Dennis M. Ritchie
  • On permanent reserve at Courant library.

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