Distributed Systems

(G22.3033-001, Fall 2009)


Class schedule: Tue 7:10-9pm (CIWW 317) .

Class instructor: Jinyang Li (Office hour: Tue 5-6pm)

Instructional assistance: Bonan Min (Office hour: Tue 304pm)

To email the instructors only: dss-staff@cs.nyu.edu

To email the entire class: g22_3033_001_fa09@cs.nyu.edu

Course information

Distributed systems help programmers aggregate the resource of many networked computers to construct highly available and scalable services. This class teaches the abstractions, design and implementation techniques that allow you to build scalable, high performance distributed systems. Topics include multithreading, network programming, consistency, naming, fault tolerance, and security and several case studies of distributed systems.

This class is a graduate level course consisting of lectures, a series of programming labs and a final project. Prerequisites include undergraduate operating systems. Programming experience in C/C++ is important for the labs.


1. Undergraduate Operating Systems
2. Programming experience in C/C++ is important for the programming labs

Useful Books

The following books may help provide background help with lab programming. None of them are required. They are listed in rough order of usefulness.

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