Tran Dinh Nguyen

Nguyen Tran

(in Vietnamese: Trần Đình Nguyên)



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New York, NY 10003

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I graduated and joined Google in August 2012. This page is my old academic website.

My research interests are in networked systems with a focus on securities. I have worked on distributed systems, security and privacy, storage systems, and databases. I am fortunated to be advised by Jinyang Li and Lakshminarayanan Subramanian. Previously, I got a B.S. in Computer Science (1st class honor) with a Minor degree in Mathematics from National University of Singapore in 2005. I worked with professor Y.C. Tay and professor T.S. Tan in some system projects.


I am currently supported by the 2010 Google PhD fellowship in Distributed Systems.



SumUp A Sybil-resilient mechanism for collecting user votes in online content voting system.
Online voting system likes Diggs, YouTube, eBay, Amazon, ets are known to be susceptible to Sybil attack in which the attacker creates many accounts to cast bogus votes for an object. SumUp leverages social network underline the accounts to defend against such attack. By using a novel capacity assignment on the social links and collecting votes in an approximate max-flow fashion, SumUp can successfully limits the number of bogus votes casted by the attacker to the number of attack edges (e_A) with high probability. SumUp also leverage users' feedback to further reduce the number of bogus votes casted by the attacker if the attacker keeps doing that for different objects. Using SumUp on Digg voting trace, we found evidences of Sybil attacks in real world.
Friendstore A P2P backup and file sharing system that use social network as resource to improve reliablity and availability.
Building backup system using traditional P2P model is difficult, if not infeasible, due to churn. To address this issue, Friendstore leverages real social relationships between nodes. Friendstore's argument is that real social relationship provides sufficient incentive for nodes to stay in the system and keep data for other nodes, which is crucial to backup application. In Friendstore, a node only stores data on its trusted peers which are its trusted friends in real life. We formulate the amount of data a node can backup and help other nodes to backup base on its uplink capacity. Our simulation shows that, under wide area network condition, a node in Friendstore can backup 300GB safely over a long period, i.e. 5 years. We also develop a coding scheme XOR(1,2) that helps nodes, that have redundant bandwidth, to trade bandwidth for additional storage capacity. Try it out!


Teaching & Working

Summer & Fall 2011 UC Berkeley (Visiting Scholar). Worked with Dawn Song and her group.
Fall 2010 Distributed Systems [TA]
Summer 2009 Microsoft Research-Silicon Valley (Research Internship). Worked with Marcos K. Aguilera and Mahesh Balakrishnan.
Spring 2009 Operating Systems [TA]
Summer 2007 Google Inc. (Software Engineering Internship). Worked with Frank Dabek and Wilson Hsieh.
Spring 2007 Distributed Storage Systems [TA]
Fall 2006 Data Communications & Networks [TA]
2005-06 National University of Singapore (Research Assistant). Worked with Y.C.Tay and Wei Tsang Ooi.



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BlockParty: Cooperative Offsite Backup Among Friends
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Prefetching in Visual Simulation
Chu-Ming Ng, Cam-Thach Nguyen, Dinh-Nguyen Tran, Shin-We Yeow and Tiow-Seng Tan
IEEE Visualization 2003, Seattle.


Other interests

I enjoy playing badminton with the NYU Badminton Club. I also play soccer and swim.