Jinyang Li 李金扬

Associate Professor

60 5th Ave, Room 410
New York, NY 10003
Fax: 212-9954123
Phone: 212-9983098
Contact: firstname at cs nyu edu

Recent software release:

My research interests are in distributed systems and computer networks. Specifically, I am building storage and communication infrastructures that are fast, reliable and easy to use. I work with a group of amazing students in the NYU systems group.

My research is supported in part by the National Science Foundation, Google, and the Sloan Fellowship. I am also proud to be part of the newly founded NYU WIRELESS center.

I am teaching Distributed Systems in Fall 2017.

Current Projects

Older projects:


About me

I got a B.S. in computer science from National University of Singapore (1998). My undergraduate adviser is Y.C. Tay. I got a Ph.D. from MIT (2005), working under the guidance of Robert Morris and Frans Kaashoek as a lucky PDOS member. From 2005-2006, I was a postdoc at Berkeley with Scott Shenker.